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"Mr. Jon Manack is an instructor that I have placed in the outstanding category to refer a number of my students.

I have found his style of teaching and his methodology to not only benefit the players with back and other upper body issues..."

– Dr. Craig Farnsworth, PGA Tour Instructor

"Under Jon's guidance I am now averaging 320-330 yards off the tee with my driver (up from 300), but more importantly I'm hitting more fairways than ever before!"

– Jordan Kenter, PGA

"Jon arrived with a flawless golf swing and an ability to strike the ball from a variety of set up positions. I can take it a bit further and say that of all the PGA and mini tour players I instruct, Jon's ball striking ability is beyond any I have seen..."

– David F. Wright, PhD., PGA

"Since working with Jon, I came in 2nd place in the 2007 Women's Colorado Open, 3rd place in the LPGA Club Professional Championship and 2nd place in the LPGA Southeast Section Championship..."

– Dede Cusimano, LPGA

"Within a few swings and a couple of key questions, Jon was able to understand my swing and provided me with some easy and effective swing thoughts that instantly improved my ball striking..."

Randy Duncan, PGA

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Jon Manack's SYSTEM of Golf Instruction (Formally LEAP Golf™ Program) was developed in conjunction with leading physical therapists. The drills, exercises and swing aids prescribed to correct your individual swing faults are designed to eliminate your body's barriers to learning the movement patterns necessary for a great golf swing.

Knowledge is not power,

APPLIED knowledge is power...