Clinics & Schools

Schools (1,2 or 3 day)

(TBA or Call to set up your own dates)

Total Game Enhancement
(1 1/2 hours – 4 hours)

Full Swing.

• Achieve an efficient golf swing with neutral spine and joint position to improve ball striking consistency and decrease injury potential.
• Learn how to properly self-diagnose your movement tendencies. • Experience feeling the movements necessary to rapidly change the look of your golf swing.

Short Game

• Up to 100 yards
• Pitching, chipping, and bunker


• Improve alignment and address position for a more consistent putting stroke.
• Learn more efficient green reading techniques.
• Identify your individual standard putting stroke.

Junior Clinic or Multi Day Schools
(2 1/2 hours)

• Fundamental knowledge (set up, grip, posture, ball position, body lines and the general understanding of how to swing a golf club.
• Teaching structure while allowing a natural athletic motion for maximum potential.
• Full Swing (Wedges, irons, fairway woods, and driver)
• Short Game (Chipping, pitching, and bunker)
• Putting (Mechanics and green reading)
• Specialty Shots (Side hill lies, fairway bunker, hooks, slices, high and low...)
• Lunch following clinic