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"I have had the opportunity to teach alongside a number of outstanding PGA instructors as I travel the country, providing clinics of my own. Being fortunate to have a rather elite clientele to teach has also allowed me the chance to mentor them on swing coaches and other areas of necessity this great game demands.
Mr. Jon Manack is an instructor that I have placed in the outstanding category to refer a number of my students. I have found his style of teaching and his methodology to not only benefit the players with back and other upper body issues – of which ALL have benefited – but any other player needing to acquire a swing motion they can trust, particularly under pressure.
Jon has worked his special methods with a number of who would be out of golf without his instruction. His acute study and application of the physiology of motion as it applies to the game of golf is truly ingenious, as is shown by his results.
Jon is also a very accomplished player, having set several course records around this area. I, personally, have witnessed his firing a 65 at our challenging course, The Palms, in La Quinta, California."
Dr. Craig Farnsworth, PGA Tour Instructor
"I have been playing golf for the past thirty years. I played on the LPGA Tour for six years. I have won the Texas State Amateur five times, and was runner-up of the USGA Mid-Amateur and the Texas Women's Open Champion.

Due to recent injuries, I have been unable to play until I met Jon. His method and technique have helped me to return to the game that I love. His teaching technique is easy to understand and easy to incorporate into my swing.

I believe that Jon is really onto something that not only benefits injured players, but players in general. I believe Jon to be one of the best teachers I have ever been associated with. I am most pleased to have heard about and met Jon!"
Mina Hardin, 2010 USGA Women's Senior Amateur Champion
"As a PGA professional, I have been exposed to a lot of different philosophies concerning the golf swing. After having met and worked personally with Jon and his concept of a tension free swing, I have been able to learn more about how proper fundamentals and technique can have a long-lasting impact on how to play the game. I have incorporated Jon's teachings into my own golf game and have been consistently hitting the ball with greater accuracy and greater distance. I've always been a long hitter of the ball, and was taught in the past that to gain accuracy I would be forced to give up distance. Under Jon's guidance I am now averaging 320-330 yards off the tee with my driver (up from 300), but more importantly I'm hitting more fairways than ever before! I've been able to do all of this with a swing that feels easier and puts significantly less strain on my body.

Students can learn a lot from Jon in a very short amount of time without feeling overwhelmed because Jon presents the information in such a way that it's extremely easy to understand. And oh by the way, he's one heck of a ball striker; it's truly rare to see someone that can practice what he teaches as well as Jon.
Jordan Kenter, PGA Head Golf Professional Old Edwards Inn – Highlands, NC
"Jon Manack has been a true inspiration for me in my professional golf this year!

As an LPGA Golf Professional who has won the 2003 LPGA Club Professional Championship and have played in (4) LPGA major championships, this is the best ball striking I have had in years and I owe it to Jon Manack.

I have worked with some of the Top 100 Instructors in my career, but it is Jon Manack’s communication skills, knowledge and teaching techniques that have helped me to understand my swing better and hit more consistent shots. I now have more confidence in my golf game without working hard at it.

Since working with Jon, I came in 2nd place in the 2007 Women’s Colorado Open, 3rd place in the LPGA Club Professional Championship and 2nd place in the LPGA Southeast Section Championship.

Thanks Jon!! I am proud to have you as my golf coach."
Dede Cusimano, LPGA Instructor/Golf Professional Fort Myers, Florida
"As a PGA Professional, I am continually looking for ways to enhance my knowledge of the swing to better instruct my students and improve my own game. Before taking a lesson from Jon my swing was quite mechanical, and very fundamentally set. Meaning my swing looked good, but I felt stiff, rigid, and unable to properly release the club. After spending some time with Jon my ball striking improved rapidly and my swing began to feel effortless and free. Jon was able to communicate and help me implement key fundamentals and techniques in a very short period of time. Jon is able to explain and communicate the golf swing in very simple terms.

I would recommend Jon Manack to a Tour Player and to a beginning golfer. The information that Jon presents is easy to understand and the fundamentals are solid. Jon has helped me not only with my game, but has improved my understanding and instruction to my students."
Shane G. Ponchot, PGA, Assistant Golf Professional Hideaway Golf Club – La Quinta, CA
"If you are looking to find out what makes the golf swing work, and more importantly what makes your swing work, I would strongly suggest talking with Jon. I have been associated with Jon over the last couple of years, and my overall performance both mechanically and physically have improved greatly. Soon after working with Jon I shot a 64, and have had several sub-par rounds since."
Al Reigel, Former Champions Tour Competitor Estancia – Scottsdale, AZ Crystal Downs, MI
"Being in the golf business for 17 years and having played golf for over 30 years, I have been fortunate to meet some really great golfers and golf instructors in my career. Within a few swings and a couple of key questions, Jon was able to understand my swing and provided me with some easy and effective swing thoughts that instantly improved my ball striking. As a former golf instructor myself, I have a great appreciation for how difficult it is to see a swing and then provide simple instruction back to the student that he/she will understand and will benefit from. Jon has this rare talent which is why he is successful as a golf instructor."
Randy Duncan, PGA, General Manager/Director of Golf SilverRock Resort- La Quinta, CA www.silverrock.org
"Jon arrived with a flawless golf swing and an ability to strike the ball from a variety of set up positions. I can take it a bit further and say that of all the PGA and mini tour players I instruct, Jon's ball striking ability is beyond any I have seen..."
TDavid F. Wright, PhD., PGA, Mind Under Par Golf Schools A Golf Magazine Top 25 Golf School