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Jon Manack's SYSTEM (Formally LEAP Golf™ Program) was developed in conjunction with leading physical therapists. The drills, exercises and swing aids prescribed to correct your individual swing faults are designed to eliminate your body's barriers to learning the movement patterns necessary for a great golf swing.

There is very little new information about the fundamentals of a golf swing, just more effective ways to communicate relevant information to accelerate the learning process. There are many ways to swing a golf club, but only a few are both efficient and reduce physical cumulative trauma and effort. All other sports have a more consistent (sometimes a single) accepted method to maximize efficient motion, power or speed.

With the prevalence of injuries among pros and amateurs as well as increased play by aging boomers taking up the game, we believe a new approach to swinging a golf club should be considered. One that until now has been missing in golf yet is dominating other sports. This approach emphasizes the key principles of efficient athletic movement to reduce the potential for physical stress and injury while maximizing power and consistency.

What is The SYSTEM?

THE SYSTEM is a diagnostic formula for identifying the root cause of inefficient movement tendencies in any golf swing. A unique approach is used that blends traditional golf instruction with athletic performance enhancement and movement learning techniques to accelerate the average golfer's ability to learn and perform the fundamental movements that make up an efficient, powerful and repeatable golf swing.

The System is a process to a way of learning for the student which not only teaches them about factual fundamentals of a golf swing, but, about the absolute fundamentals of their own golf swing. The System educates a golfer on where to look in their own swing, what to look at and then what relevant information to apply in order to improve with lasting results.

  • Incorporates neuromuscular training to reprogram movement
  • Makes performing the golf swinging motion more natural and repeatable
  • Creates immediate results in ball striking and "the look" of your golf swing
  • Allows you to finally experience what "effortless power" feels like
  • Reduces stress on your spine and body


How THE SYSTEM benefits all golf swings?

Jon Manack's SYSTEM recognizes that each individual has uniquely organized their movement patterns and therefore, each student will learn differently. Jon specializes in systematically diagnosing each student and identifying the barriers to moving properly.

The approach is designed to minimize lost time or energy spent working on swing concepts that are not related to the root cause of your poor ball striking and may actually inhibit your ability to move properly and cause undue stress on your back and joints.


Jon Manack's THE SYSTEM Basic Formula



  • Like practicing medicine, golf instruction achieves better outcomes when the prescription is exactly what treats the condition. The best physicians are the best diagnosticians.



  • The starting position influences the takeaway which influences the down swing sequence. Starting from a position that makes it difficult to move creates unnecessary tension.



  • Loading the body efficiently in the back swing allows for a more reactionary, consistent and powerful down swing.



  • Compress the ball by creating maximum lag, leverage and speed with less physical effort and strain on the body and joints.



  • Reduces physical cumulative trauma
  • Requires less energy and effort
  • Requires less compensation and manipulation
  • Creates effortless power vs. powerless effort



  • The vast majority of golf injuries occur due to tissue damage sustained over time from poor technique and overuse.